The following are photos from recent games and other nerdery; photosets are posted in reverse chronological order. If you’d like to see every gaming-related photo I’ve taken, visit my Flickr gaming photostream.

Gardmore Abbey (Session 5)

After delving into the Abbey, our group has fought a beholder, two displacer beasts, a murder of stirges, scared off an owlbear, and are about to encounter a devil.

What is this? A zoo?

Essentials (Session 4)

After recovering a magic skull used by an evil warlock for a necromantic ritual, the group decides to return to Fallcrest—only to realize that they’ve somehow been transported 50 years in the past.

Oh noes!

Essentials (Session 3)

Delve into dungeon. Recover stolen chest. Fight monsters and steal their treasure.

These are things I think I can do.

Condition Cards

Keeping track of conditions in 4th Edition is a mind-bogglingly difficult chore.

Not anymore!

War of the Burning Sky (Session 13)

The companions have made their choice: With an entire civilization at risk, Indomitability must be destroyed, no matter the consequences.

War of the Burning Sky (Session 12)

Kazyk, a devil sent by Ragesia to retrieve the case of vital military intelligence, has tired of the group’s indecision. He appears for a final showdown with the party, hoping to kill two birds with one stone—the completion of his mission and the death of these so-called “heroes.”

War of the Burning Sky (Session 11)

While deciding what to do, the group finds respite at an abandoned guard tower. There they make some horrifying discoveries—including one that suggests Shahalesti may have paid Dassen to burn Innenotdar!