Fourth Edition

Third Edition

  • BattleCards: These cards are the complete set of actions available to you in combat, printable on standard 3×5 index cards.
  • Action Dice: Action dice are a tangible reward for creative and enthusiastic gamers. They can enable the players to succeed when it is really important and can help the DM redirect an adventure when it hurtles off course.


  • Amusing Anecdotes: Any funny stories I’ve picked up in my many years of gaming have found a permanent home here.
  • Elevation Indicator: Slap these on the side of a dice box, grab a couple colored hair ties, and you’ve got yourself a homemade elevation indicator for your games!
  • The Questionnaire: 9 questions every character should ask themselves.


  • 8-bit D&D: The 8-bit Comedy Theater performs the Dead Alewives’ famous D&D spoof.
  • Get a Life: What kind of campaign did DM’s run 500 years ago?
  • Gollum at the MTV Movie Awards: Gollum accepts an MTV Movie Award—graciously.
  • Magic Missile: The cops are called when a local wizard shows his friend that magic missile is not a toy to joke around with.
  • Ogre Battle: Live Action Roleplaying is the black sheep of gaming. After watching this video, you’ll see why. “LIGHTING BOLT! LIGHTING BOLT! LIGHTING BOLT!”
  • Return of the Dorks: Triumph the Comic Insult Dog pokes fun at a line of fans waiting to see the premier of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. May the Force be with you—for me to poop on!