Campaign Date

The Scouring of Gate Pass

Twelfthmonth 31

The campaign started an hour before midnight on Twelfthmonth 31 with Arender, Asher, Buckidu, and Maril. The world was on the verge of war with Ragesia. Eve of the New Turn rang at midnight, bringing the campaign date to Firstmonth 1.

Firstmonth 1

The characters met Kara Ravencaster at the Poison Apple Pub and spoke with her about meeting Rivereye Badgerface at the Gate Pass Depository to receive a case of stolen military intelligence. Once attained, their mission was to deliver the case to a wizard’s school called Lyceum, far to the south. The case contained information vital to the war effort.

At 1am, the group was attacked by the Black Horses, who included an eladrin named Ykoren. During the battle, Ykoren recognized his cousin, Arender, and switched sides. After the group defeated the Black Horses, they left for the Depository. Along the way, the city was attacked by Ragesia using dragons—creatures that stepped out of the pages of storybooks. Between the minor emergencies the group stopped to help with (someone trapped under fallen timbers and someone caught in a house fire) and panicked crowds, it took an hour to reach the Depository.

At the Depository, the group discovered that Rivereye had been replaced by the eladrin Larion, and Larion had secreted away the case of intelligence to a hidden location. The group attacked Larion, and were able to subdue and turn him over to the guards. Larion would not say where he had his men take the case; however, Rivereye was found tied up in the Depository and he had overheard Larion speaking to two eladrin about a contact named “Shealis” at “Gabal’s School,” and also of something called “The Singing Chasm.” Beaten and tired, the group decided to take refuge for the night at a rebellion safehouse.

On the way to the safehouse, a dragon fell out of the sky, mortally wounded by one of the Gate Pass Griffinriders. The dragon’s rider, still alive, took a small child hostage and told the group to turn around and walk away. When they wouldn’t, the Ragesian dragonrider killed the boy and advanced on the group. They killed the dragonrider and continued to the safe house, arriving at 3am.

At the safehouse, the group met Buron Watcher, leader of the rebellion. The group was given a place to sleep and they rested for the night.

At 4am, Arender was woken by a spy within the Shahalesti government sent to ensure that Arender did not allow Shealis—revealed to be an eladrin rebel—to make off with the case. He was also instructed to make sure that once the group had acquired the case and delivered it to Lyceum, that it was to be turned over to a Shahalesti agent there. Arender agreed. After the spy had left, Arender was confronted by his cousin, Ykoren, who had heard everything. Arender was able to convince Ykoren that this would turn out in the group’s best interest, and that Arender had no intention of betraying the group. Ykoren told Arender that he would be watching and the matter was dropped.

The next morning—still Firstmonth 1—the group woke at 10am to find Kara out in the city tracking down information on Shealis. Rivereye was bedridden with pneumonia. In the meantime, Buron Watcher asked the group to look into a terrorist plot that would be going down later that afternoon. They were given directions to a warehouse where they found a group of terrorists called the White Wyrms. After the battle, the group questioned the surviving White Wyrm and discovered that the White Wyrms had planned to abduct a man called Erdan Menash, a Gate Pass councilman. The White Wyrms were waiting for a signal. They were being paid to do this by a mysterious benefactor known only as “M.”

The group wanted to wait for the signal, hoping to discover who was behind this plot. However, they had their prisoner to deal with. The group decided that if they could get a message to Buron Watcher, perhaps he would send someone to take charge of the captured White Wyrm. The group wrote the message and flagged down a passer-by—a man named Jeremy Tressel. In order to accept the task, Jeremy requested a 100 gp donation be made to his burned down theater. The group agreed and Jeremy took the message.

When Jeremy returned, he had a message of his own: Buron had no one to spare and the group was on their own. When asked about the 100 gp, the group balked, saying it would take a month to procure the requested donation. A heated conversation ensued, which culminated in Jeremy threatening to tell the guards about the grisly scene in the warehouse. Finally, Jeremy was begrudgingly given 60 gp and was told to be on his way.

The group took the surviving White Wyrm to the nearest guard house and returned to the safehouse to wait for Kara. At 2pm, Kara returned to report that Shealis was a student wizard at Gabal’s School. As a powerful mage, they would need help dealing with her—and so her and Rivereye were going to track down a friend of Rivereye’s to ask his help in confronting Shealis, all with the hope of retrieving the case.

At 10pm, the group was approached by Buron and told that a contact of his had reported that Shealis was on the move. The group needed to go to Gabal’s School and stall her. Buron promised to send Kara, Rivereye, and the friend to Gabal’s School as soon as they returned.

The group traveled to Gabal’s School, met Diogenes—a student—and convinced him to help them stall Shealis. Diogenes used a ritual to trap Shealis in her room, but not before the group entered in an attempt to convince her to turn over the case peacefully. The plan did not succeed and she attacked. The group killed her. Diogenes was aghast at what he saw as murder and ordered the group to leave.

Instead, the group searched Shealis’ chambers and discovered that she was the leader of an organization called the Exodous Alliance with the goal of forcibly transporting Shahalesti into the Feywild, their ancient home. The group also found a map pointing to a location in the elven ghetto. The case was not among Shealis’ possessions.

Kara arrived at Gabal’s School and made her way to Sheali’s chambers. She reported that her and Rivereye could not find his friend, Artimus; he had been abducted. Rivereye decided to go track down Artimus on his own.

The group arrived at the elven ghetto at 11pm. They found their way to a doormaker’s shop, the place marked on the map. Inside the doormaker’s shop was Artimus, prisoner to a group of eladrin who were waiting for Shealis. Also in the shop was Kurychek, a demon sent by Ragesia to retrieve the case. The group pretended to be sent by Shealis. After finding and securing the case of military intelligence, the group discovered there was dissent among the group of eladrin: one side was sure that sending Shahalesti to the Feywild was the right thing to do. The other side was not so sure. The group sided with the eladrin who were not so sure and defeated the other side, as well as the demon. Artimus decided to return to Shahalesti with the surviving eladrin to warn the Shahalesti government of the plot of forced relocation—and also to bury Arender, who had perished during the combat. Artimus and the surviving eladrin used a secret tunnel found under the doormaker’s shop to leave.

Unfortunately, the secret tunnel lead all the way to the border of Shahalesti, and could not be used by the group to escape Gate Pass with the intelligence, as it would have added weeks to their journey.

Firstmonth 2

The group returned to the safehouse by midnight, Firstmonth 2—24 hours after the siege on Gate Pass began. The group discussed various options of escape from the city with Buron, Kara, and Rivereye. They decided to speak with Councilman Erdan Menash, hoping to use the information the group discovered about the White Wyrms’ failed abduction attempt to convince him to let them out of the city. During this conversation, a messenger from the front gate arrived with an ultimatum from the invading Ragesian force: allow a group of Inquisitors—magic hunting clerics—entrance to the city, or Gate Pass would be destroyed.

The group slept for the night, waking up at 8am on Firstmonth 2. They headed to Erdan Menash’s home, on the way encountering Tomerial—an elf who had witnessed the group’s mission in the elven ghetto. He wanted to help free his people from the ghetto, and so joined the group. Inside Erdan’s home, the group met the councilman and secured his help. He gave the group a set of orders that would allow them to exit the city hidden among a group of soldiers. They were to take these orders to a friend of his, Captain Harriman, who would carry them out.

Outside the councilman’s home, the group encountered the Black Horses again—this time lead by Kathor Danava, the Black Horses’ second-in-command. The group defeated them, but not before Kathor’s dying breath was used to gleefully alert the group that the Black Horses’ secret leader, Renard Kol, was someone they might know.

The group reached Captain Harriman’s barracks by noon on Firstmonth 2 and were snuck out of the city. Hidden among them was Erdan Menash, who told the group that as someone targeted for abduction, he’d rather take his chances at Lyceum with the Resistance. At 3pm, several of Buckidu’s people approached the group with dire news—their chieftain was dying and Buckidu was to return to become the new chief. Buckidu departed, leaving behind one of his trusted men: Tharin’Di. At 4pm, the soldiers headed back to Gate Pass.

Shortly after the soldiers left, the group was set upon by the Black Horses once again. This time, Erdan revealed himself as Renard Kol, leader of the Black Horses, and as M—the mysterious benefactor of the White Wyrms. His “kidnapping” at the hands of White Wyrms was simply to be an extraction out of the city. Even though it failed, Renard was much happier with this set of circumstances, as those who had his true allegiance—Ragesia—wanted the group dead, and now he could see to that too. The ensuing combat was quick; in the end, the group captured their foes. The Black Horse underlings posed no threat and so were tied up and left in a cave. Unfortunately, Renard could not be let go so easily since as a Gate Pass “councilman,” he could pose a serious threat to the party—and so they took him.

Kara explained that their route south would take them through the Fire Forest—where the armies of Ragesia dare not go—and down through Dassen to Seaquen, where lyceum is.


The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar

Firstmonth 2

At 4pm, just before sunset on Firstmonth 2, the group reached the farm of Haddin and Crystin on the outskirts of the Fire Forest. Crystin—a Seer—knew the group was coming and requested they help convince her father—a wizard who the Inquisitors would want to capture or destroy—to escape. The group was able to do this, and so Haddin and Crystin joined them after a night of rest.

Travel Through the Fire Forest

Due to the horrific conditions of the Fire Forest, the group can traverse little more than half a mile per hour, and can travel for no more than 6 hours per day. That means between stops to drink and rest, the group is travelling three miles a day—assuming no detours.

Firstmonth 3

At 8am on Firstmonth 3, the group left Haddin and Crystin’s farm for the Fire Forest, using magic amulets acquired at Gabal’s School to survive the heat. Haddin and Crystin used a fire protection ritual. Inside the Fire Forest, the group encountered a pile of burnt bodies, of which one was still alive—a man named Durval. Healed, Durval joined the group. Unfortunately, casting the ritual of fire protection on Durval caused Haddin’s supply of a rare reagent to run low, meaning the group would have to take a detour to gather more of it. It was securable only within the Fire Forest.

Durval, however, wanted to return to Gate Pass and the group agreed to escort him back to the forest’s edge. However, the way was blocked with fire. Frustrated, Ykoren screamed into the fire, “Let us go!” to which a booming voice returned, “No.” It was obvious that some sentient force was preventing the group’s escape.

The group turned around again and headed deep into the forest. By noon, the group was approached by Kazyk, another demon sent by Ragesia to retrieve the case. The group agreed to give the demon the case—which was actually empty since the group had already removed the intelligence earlier and placed it elsewhere in their packs. The demon took the case, saw that it was empty, but did not attack; it was bound by its master to complete its goal of “retrieving the case.” It didn’t care whether the case was empty or not and simply wanted to be free to return to its home in the Elemental Chaos.

In return for the case, the demon agreed to help the party escape the forest, which meant destroying the creature blocking their escape. He called this creature Indomitability. Destroying this creature also had another side effect—it would extinguish the fire which had raged unchecked for 40 years. The demon disappeared.

The group stayed the night in a cave that Haddin knew of. Inside the cave, they discovered three dwarves that has died there after apparently coming to the Fire Forest to deal with the forest’s original inhabitants—a group of elves. They also discovered that these dwarves were paid by eladrin from Shahalesti to perform some task in the forest.

Firstmonth 4

The next morning, Firstmonth 4, the group woke at 8am. By noon, they had reached the cavern that contained Haddin’s reagents. At 4pm, the group was attacked by a group of fire elemental birds of prey. After defeating them, the group discovered that the creatures were a test sent by Indomitability—to see if the group was powerful enough to help free it.

Indomitability addressed the party, explaining that it was the one keeping the group inside the Fire Forest, and that if they did not help free it, they would remain there forever. They agreed to help and were given Indomitability’s Boon, a protection against the fire of the forest.

After talking with Indomitability, the group continued to a river. A bridge spanned the river and a tower sat at the center of the bridge. After a thorough search, the group discovered a journal written by an elf named Bhurisrava. The journal explained that the fire was magically unending, that no one consumed by the flames could die, and that an elf warrior named Anyariel was involved somehow. Also, a being known as Nell existed somewhere in the forest that could possibly reveal more. Lastly, some kind of community apparently existed on a nearby lake. The group spent the night in the tower.

Firstmonth 5

On Firstmonth 5, the party woke at 8am and traveled to the lake—arriving on Firstmonth 7 at 12pm.

Firstmonth 7

The group explored the shore of the lake for an hour before Kazyk attacked, angry that the group decided to betray him and side with Indomitability. The group was victorious, but Kazyk was able to escape. An elf village was found on the lake’s edge. The the group discovered a shrine to the elf warrior Anyariel, who apparently fought a magical stag four decades ago. The group entered the Shrine at 1pm. Inside, they discovered Bhurisrava, who had sat for 40 years praying to the elven god for a savior. He also had a prisoner, named Diashan, who was a living witness to those that set fire to the forest.

The group, still missing a piece of the puzzle, decided to find Nell—mentioned in Bhurisrava’s journal as someone at the mouth of the White River. Before leaving, an argument broke out between Kara and the party when it was decided they would help defeat Indomitability, thus ending the fire. Kara, who wanted to free Indomitability—thus keeping the fire going, removing easy entry to the south for Ragesian forces—was tied up. Indomitability, seeing that the party was going to betray him, took away his boon.

The journey to Nell took 6 days.

Firstmonth 13

The group arrived at the mouth of the White River on Firstmonth 13 at 1pm. Upon arriving, the group met Nell, a unicorn, who explained that Anyariel, an elven warrior, trapped a stag under the lake with a magical sword 40 years ago. Unable to die due to strange magic involved, this stag—Indomitability’s mortal form—provided the forest with unending life. Shortly after, Shahalesti agents set fire to the forest. With nothing able to die, the fire had an unending fuel source.

If Indomitability were allowed to take his normal form, he could escape. If this happened, the fire would remain—and thus the elves and the forest would burn unending. In order prevent Indomitability from achieving this, a group of elves have been singing the Song of Forms for 40 years, trapping Indomitability as a stag, thus keeping him pinned by the sword below the lake. If the song were to stop and Indomitability were to take his normal form—and if someone were powerful enough—he could be destroyed, thus extinguishing the fire and the unending life.

The group, determined to put right what has gone wrong, traveled down the river via a boat given to them by Nell. The journey to the lake took one day.

Firstmonth 14

On Firstmonth 14 at 1pm, the group arrived at the Shrine of Anyariel, travelled to Indomitability’s Grotto, and defeated him.


Campaign Start: 11pm, Twelfmonth 31
Current Date: 2pm, Firstmonth 14