The People

The People

Races of the Burning Sky


Clans of dragonborn inhabit the mountains that run between the Ostalin, Sindaire, and Dassen border. Loosely in communication with each other, their predominant goal is to solidify the creation of a new republic of dragonborn within the mountains. Those who adventure often do so to lay foundations for future diplomacy, learn and improve on the latest technologies of war and combat, or to seek riches and glory in order to advance the dragonborn legacy and become the future leaders of a new empire.


Once plentiful and well represented across the lands, the mighty dwarf nation has become insular and isolated from the rest of the world. Those who venture beyond the tunnels and caverns of their mountain realms in Dassen do so in an effort to fight against the resignation that seems to be overtaking the older generations. Convinced that isolationism is just as imprisoning as their ancient servitude to the giants, adventurous dwarves venture out to build an inspiring legacy, rekindle the pride of their nation, or to restore faith in the ancient gods that have been forgotten in this modern day.


Eladrin are found in the Shining Land of Shahalesti. Always vigilant, eladrin remember well the conquests of Emperor Coaltongue. Sorcery, spying, and military or mercenary prowess are all reasons for an eladrin to adventure in the Lands.


While eladrin are more or less united in that they jealously guard their fey-touched land, the elves are divided: some seek isolation, others want to establish new alliances, and still others simply see a changing world and desire to be a part of it. All these reasons bring out many elves to the cities and towns where adventures often begin.


More fully integrated with their human side, most half-elves come from the great cities of the Lands: from Gate Pass and Seaquen to the many communities of Dassen, Ostalin, and Sindaire. The motivation for adventure is as varied in a half-elf as it is in a human. Many see the latest bellicose attitude of the Ragesians troubling and seek to help fend them off in the impending conflict.


No matter what their racial origin may be, the half-orcs of the Lands enjoy a unique position—fully realized citizens in Ragesia, Gate Pass, and Dassen. The other kingdoms are less cordial, and so most half-orc adventurers are found from the middle part of the Lands. Always struggling with their heritage, the adventuring life is often a way to throw off subtle, lingering prejudices, or to find a place in a group of allies and equals.


Found along the rivers and byways of Sindaire, the halflings of the Lands sometimes leave the west in search of adventure and glory. Though once halflings were generally quite well traveled, the unrest in Sindaire has concentrated the population in that country because it presents the best hope for them to start a nation of their own. As the country continues in strife, the halflings work with some factions to destabilize the kingdom even further.


The strongest holdings of humans can be found in Sindaire and Ostalin. However, as the greatest population in the lands, humans come from anywhere and their motivations for adventure are limitless.