Campaign Overview

War of the Burning Sky is a high fantasy campaign saga that thrusts the heroes into a war of mythic proportions. Powered by mighty magic and devout faith, ever-escalating conflicts threaten the heroes’ freedom and lives, and even the very world they inhabit. Driven from their homelands by the dogs of war, the heroes head for a distant safe haven—a mages’ school named Lyceum—which has sent up a rallying cry for those who wish to resist the warmongers.

In distant Ragesia, a witch named Leska—leader of the Inquisitors—has moved to cement herself as the next Emperor. Worse, she has decreed that all disloyal users of arcane magic are to be tracked down and killed to prevent future threats to the Empire. The Inquisitors, clerics specialized in countermagic, travel with military escorts to the borders of Ragesia. Their first target is Gate Pass, its neutrality long viewed as an insult to the nation’s honor. Those who resist them will have to face the searing power of the Ragesian Empire.

As the war reaches its frightening climax, two ancient foes will rise up to do battle once again, threatening to use powerful magic superweapons to scorch the world or sunder it into nothing but nightmares.

The Scouring of Gate Pass

Part 1 of a 12-Part Saga

A local rebellion devoted to keeping both the Ragesians and the Shahalesti out of the city of Gate Pass, has gathered vital military intelligence. Messengers are needed to deliver the information to allies at a distant wizard’s school. With all their strongest warriors preparing to hold back the Ragesian assault, this vital mission falls to a party of inexperienced heroes.

With the Ragesian army nearly at Gate Pass’ doorstep, time is short—and the people of the city know they will not be able to resist the might of the Ragesian military. The city leaders are bowing under pressure and have barred exit from the city, intending to welcome the Inquisitors that come with the army in the foolish hope that the Ragesians will reward their cooperation with mercy.

The war is about to begin.

The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar

Part 2 of a 12-Part Saga

The heroes have faced a military assault, treacherous bounty hunters, enemy spies who hide in the light, and the fierce claws of the Ragesian Inquisitors. And now the journey between Gate Pass and distant Lyceum stands before them.

Between them and their goal lies a forest that has burned for decades; where a dream monster holds sway.

Before escaping the raging flames, the heroes become caught in a three-way conflict with a demon, the fierce spirit of the forest itself, and the remnants of a society long thought extinct.

Can the heroes traverse the indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar?

Shelter from the Storm

Part 3 of a 12-Part Saga

The heroes fought their way through a burning forest to shake pursuit after escaping a city under siege—and now they arrive at what has become the rallying point for those opposing the Ragesian war of conquest.

But Seaquen is threatened by many foes: there are spies, refugees, and a fleet of hostile ships to contend with, to say nothing of an oncoming hurricane that may not be entirely natural.

The heroes find themselves in a unique position to defend Seaquen during the Rebellion’s infancy. If they fail, Seaquen will be destroyed, and the chances for an alliance against the might of the Ragesian Empire will fail.

Can they survive long enough to learn the secrets held at Lyceum while they struggle to save their shelter from the storm?