Those We’ve Lost Along the Way

Arender Alridion

“Man with Two Lives”

Eladrin Rogue, played by Cody

Eulogy: Though a Shahalesti spy, Arender realized that the world wasn’t black and white and that his people would need to join the rest of civilization in order to ensure their survival. Unfortunately, Arender died at the hands of eladrin terrorists before he could see this come to be.

In the real world, Cody—Arender’s player—rolled up a new character and regularly kicks ass with him.

Buckidu Bagout’du

“Knight Protector”

Dragonborn Paladin, played by Brian

Eulogy: Buckidu’s father, the Chieftain of his clan, is terminally ill; as such, Buckidu returned home with a contingent of guards in order to begin preparations for the rule of his people. It is Buckidu’s intention to unite the scattered dragonborn clans and assist the growing resistance movement.

In the real world, Brian—Buckidu’s player—got married and moved to Syracuse, New York.

Maril Snowblood

“The Sacrifice”

Human Wizard, played by Paul

Eulogy: After finally escaping Gate Pass with the case of vital military intelligence, Maril was shot in the forehead by a bowman as the group was set upon by Black Horses.

In the real world, Paul—Maril’s player—got a job offer he couldn’t refuse, and since we can only play Sundays, Paul “respectfully” withdrew from the group.