An Action Point Every Encounter

For a while, I’ve thought about awarding an action point every encounter instead of after every two encounters—or once every milestone. The main reason is because I easily forget which encounter is a milestone encounter and which isn’t. I often find myself stopping to think back: “Okay, if the orc encounter was a milestone, then that means the kobold one wasn’t… then this one is! Oh wait, did you guys rest between the orcs and the kobolds? Aw, dang it…”

The other reason for giving them out every encounter is to give the characters a bit of a boost; for a while now, we’ve been playing with four players and I tend towards higher-danger encounters. Another benefit to giving out an action point every encounter is that combats seem to go a bit quicker—which is great, since my group enjoys faster-paced combats.

It is important to note, however, that with more action points to play with, players will be only be able to cash one in per combat turn.

The only unresolved question that will need to be decided after playing around with this house rule is, should I still make action points reset at the end of an extended rest? Or should I allow them to stack up? The problem I see with this is people could eventually have a small horde of action points if they don’t use them often enough.

For now, I’m going to allow them to stack up. If I soon find that players are keeping them, eyeing the eventual Big Bad Evil Guy at the end of the dungeon, then I’ll make them reset after an extended rest or place some kind of limit on the number of actions points a player can have.

As of June 2012, my games have added the following rule: A maximum of two Action Points may be kept at any one time.