Using Fortune Cards

At first, I wasn’t completely sold on Fortune Cards. How would they work? Would I use them? Sure, I had a few ideas—but until I was able to get them into my hot little hands, I just didn’t know what my feelings towards them would be. Now that they’ve been out for a little over four months, I have to say—I love them—but not for the reason they’re meant for.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how to use them properly because as soon as I saw them, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them: I was going to replace my Bonus Action Points house rule with them.

Here’s how I worked them into the game:

I keep a large deck of them on my side of the table and hand them out whenever I feel that a player has roleplayed his character exceptionally well, exhibited impressive leadership or problem-solving abilities, entertained the group, or otherwise improved the gaming experience in some way. I then let the players use them whenever and however they want.

Also, should one player feel that another player deserves a Fortune Card for something that I do not award, he may feel free to nominate that player and explain the reasoning. Players should recognize that I am the final arbiter of who gains Fortune Cards and why.

As of June 2012, my games no longer use the following extra benefits. Fortune Cards may only be redeemed for the card’s listed benefit. Additionally, a maximum of two Fortune Cards may be kept at any one time. Lastly, cards may be passed freely between players.

So far, the following extra benefits for Fortune Cards have been allowed:

  • Players may use them for the boon written on the card.
  • Players may trade cards amongst themselves.
  • A player may turn in two cards to gain another minor action.
  • A player may turn in three cards to gain another move action.
  • A player may turn in four cards to gain another standard action.
  • A player may turn in two cards to recharge an encounter power.
  • A player may turn in three cards to recharge a daily power.
  • A player may turn in five cards to gain an action point.
  • Players may slightly tweak the wording on a card if it’s to be used in an amazing and cinematic way.

As time passes, I’m sure other uses will crop up; as they do, I’ll revisit this entry and update the list.