Reliable Encounter Powers

I don’t play very often, but when I do, it sure sucks to miss with an encounter or daily power.

Fortunately, dailies either have miss effects or are reliable. But what about encounter powers?

Sure, you get it back for the next encounter, but for many groups, that may be the next game session—which could be anywhere from one to three weeks away (or more). And then what if you miss again? Missing consistently with encounter powers can be frustrating. It’s a bummer to miss with one of your amazing abilities, only to be left with at-will spamming attacks.

After seeing players deal with the same feeling of frustration for missed encounter powers that I had felt, I decided to make all encounter powers reliable. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, page 119 in the Rules Compendium defines it as:

If a reliable power misses every target, the power is not expended. This rule means an encounter attack power or daily attack power that has this keyword can be used again and again until it hits.

I don’t intend to leave dailies out in the cold; fortunately, most dailies are already reliable, and those that aren’t have miss effects. If for some reason there were a daily that didn’t have a miss effect and it wasn’t reliable, then it would become reliable under this house rule.