Monster Death and Conditions

If a monster dies, do conditions he places on others go away?

As it turns out, conditions last until their defined expiry. The only exception to this would be marks, which end immediately when the marking creature drops.

Page 229 of the Rules Compendium says of condition durations:

The effect that imposes a condition on a creature specifies how long the condition lasts. For instance, a cleric might use an attack power that makes its target blinded (save ends). However, some conditions have built-in rules for when they end. For instance, the prone condition ends on a character who stands up, and the dying condition ends on a character who regains hit points.

Page 313 says of the marked condition:

A mark ends immediately when its creator dies or falls unconscious.

Pretty easy! If you’re dazed by an attack and the monster goes down, you’re dazed until the effect ends. If you’ve got ongoing damage from a wizard and he gets gobbled up, you’ve still got egg on your face—and probably acid, too.

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PS: Funny postscript—a very similar version of this question came up one and a half years ago. The cycle is complete.