Forced Movement and Enemies

Yes another fun-filled rules ambiguity!

In Dungeons & Dragons, the forced movement rules seem pretty clear. Nevertheless, an interesting question came up in a recent game: can you push, pull, or slide a bad guy through another bad guy?

In other words, if the characters encounter five orcs, can a power be used to push, pull, or slide one Battletested Orc through another Battletested Orc? The rules as written seem to indicate you can.

Quoting page 286 of the Player’s Handbook:

Clear Path: Forced movement can’t move a target into a space it couldn’t enter by walking. The target can’t be forced into an obstacle or made to squeeze into a space.

Enemies can walk through other enemies squares since they are all allies to each other, so the rule seems to support that a character could use a power to force a bad guy through another bad guy’s square.

Here’s where things get a tiny bit more muddled. These days, I try to use the Rules Compendium when making rules judgements. Unfortunately, the “Clear Path” section of the PHB’s forced movement rules didn’t make it into the RC. Of course, after reviewing the forced movement rules in the RC, I certainly don’t see anything that would prevent this situation from playing out.

Given the fact that the PHB clearly states you can and the RC doesn’t contradict this rule with a new rule, I’m willing to say that a bad guy can be forced to move through another bad guy’s square. Of course, this means the bad guys can move characters through other characters squares with forced movement as well…

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