Combat Related Queries

A rapid succession of new rules hiccups came up recently, all related to combat.

Prone Flanking

Can you flank while prone? All of the other conditions specifically say you can’t flank if you can’t flank—but prone says no such thing. It was pointed out that you can attack while prone, so why not flank? I tend to agree—and so do the rules. Page 281 of the Rules Compendium states that you have to be able to see your target, as well as have actions in order to flank. The Online Rules Compendium agrees, and even details it a bit more by stating the following:

Must Be Able to Attack: You and your ally must be able to attack the enemy, whether you’re armed or unarmed. If there’s no line of effect between your enemy and either you or your ally, you don’t flank. If you’re affected by an effect that prevents you from taking actions, you don’t flank.

So yes—you can flank while prone.

Marking and Opportunity Attacks

Does being marked count against opportunity attacks? That is to say, if I’m marked and I make an opportunity attack that does not include the person who marked me, do I take a -2 penalty to the attack roll? Or take radiant damage if I’m under the effects of a divine challenge? Well, an opportunity attack is an attack. The marked condition applies to attacks not targeting the marker. Nothing in the opportunity attack rules suggests this attack would ignore marks, so yes—you suffer the conditions of being marked while making opportunity attacks.

Delaying While Unconscious

Can you delay while unconscious? The RC states on page 242 that delaying is a free action. Since you can’t take actions while unconscious, this is an easy no.

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