Rules Obfuscation?

Soon, I plan on posting the first in what will surely become a reoccurring series of rules spotlights.

For many, most of these rules “ambiguities” won’t be confusing at all; to them, they will be as clear as day. However, when you gather six people together, sit them on comfortable couches, and fill them with saturated fats and refined sugars (don’t forget the beer), the brain can turn to mush. What might be easily understood under normal circumstances, suddenly becomes a brain teaser the likes of which would confuse even the smartest individual.

If during a game, a rule comes up that can’t clearly be reconciled, we will default with whatever will benefit the players—as per my standard operating procedure. Then, after the game, I’ll look it up, post on forums about it, and come to a consensus before the next game.

I don’t currently find myself in a steady group, which means any any future rules look-ups will simply be me looking at past confusions, attempting to get a leg up on future rules blunders.

As rules questions are cleared up, they will be posted to the Rules page.