Good times; Old Pictures

I’ve been posting pictures to my Flickr account over the past five years. Typically, until I find time to add commentary for each and every photo, they stay locked and hidden from view. This process can take a while; I’m currently a year and a half behind. Today, I finally decided to unlock every gaming-related photoset. Some of them are from way back in 2006! On more than a few of them, it took some time to get the ol’ memory center working again to remember what exactly was going on. On this journey, I was reminded of the good times; of the shit times. If you’re in any of these pictures, it might bring a few laughs and fond memories to your day.

There was the day Will and I played HeroQuest with Alan and Erin.

From the first time I ran Endless Dungeon, we have Session 18 and Session 19. From the second time I ran it, there’s Session 13.

Then there was my first time running through the Night of Dissolution campaign: Session 15, Session 16, and Session 17.

After Endless Dungeon and Night of Dissolution ended, that group broke up. That brings us to me trying to find a new group: Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Once the new group was formed, I ran them through the Ptolus super adventure, Night of Dissolution (since it worked out so well the first time). Here’s Session 10, Session 11, Session 12, Session 13, Session 14, Session 15, Session 16, and Session 17.

After Night of Dissolution had run its course, John thoughtfully ran a few adventures in the Earthdawn world: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5, Session 6, and Session 7.

There was Lee’s pirates game: Session 2.

Finally, the last few Points of Light games before that group disbanded: Session 11 and Session 12.