I’m back, nerds!

It’s kind of a long story as to what’s happened between then and now—then being the last time I dug around in some code and made a footprint on the web. For those of you who don’t know, or those who would like to take a walk down memory lane with me, follow along—but not too close. I do have a bubble, after all.

Near the end of 2003, I put my first Dungeons & Dragons website onto the Internet. Now, I’d always had some kind of web presence via one of millions of personal web sites with little “Under Construction” signs blinking and rotating throughout the latter-half of the 90’s and into the beginning of the new millennium. But in 2003, this would be an honest-to-goodness website hosted on what was, at the time, the 3rd largest D&D related community on the Internet: 3rdedition.org. My page wasn’t really more than a collection of files pertaining to my homebrew campaign setting and a place to post the occasional character journal entry. Though at the time I thought the design was hot stuff, I look back fondly (and more than a little embarrassedly) and laugh at the amaturness of it all.

After about a year, I purchased my own domain—fireintheabyss.com—and moved everything over from 3rdedition.org. This new venture started off sort of weak. Only the occasional post to my imaginary audience ever made it to print (the more things change, the more they stay the same). Eventually, my interest in D&D took a backseat to focus on a growing number of plays and short films I was taking part in. Fire in the Abyss gathered dust for a time, until it was all but forgotten.

Then, in 2005, there was a renewed interest in D&D by some friends who didn’t know how to play but wanted to learn. I blew off the dust, redesigned Fire in the Abyss, and furiously began to update with content: weekly blogs on my D&D musings, pictures of my D&D sessions, and free D&D creations. Once D&D really began to ramp up, I created separate subdomains for every campaign I was participating in and began to update those like nobody’s business.

Nevertheless, as you can see by looking into the archives of this site, the blogging didn’t last long (the posts are all that remains from that old venture, thoughtfully preserved and reposted here for posterity’s sake). The D&D continued, but the website updating did not. Eventually, after regular gaming stopped and I moved on to other pursuits yet again, I let the domain go.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the Internet, I had a second domain: ajourneyorsorts.com. It was nothing more than my daily journal and a place to post pictures of friends and family. That, too, fell into disuse after a few years. I guess for a while there I just wasn’t interested in posting stuff to the Internet. Eventually, I let that domain go also; for the first time since 1997, I had no web presence.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2009. A new D&D game started—one that got me interested in putting some campaign material back on the web. However, rather than reach out and try to pick back up fireintheabyss.com, I simply signed up for a free Google Group and posted everything there.

After a year of posting to the Google Group, I find myself on the verge of 2010 and looking to get back into blogging. Unfortunately, fireintheabyss.com is owned by someone who’s not even using it. But you know who was out there, waiting to be found? My old friend—ajourneyofsorts.com.

I’m not making any promises. Let’s just see what happens.