The Game Room

Thanks to the good shopping sense of Lia’s mom, we now have a gaming table! Er… uh… ahem. A “dining room” table. Truthfully though, I’ll never do anything but game on it—and I suspect Lia and Kevin have similar ideas about it.

Initially, there was some worry about whether or not it would fit our style because Lia’s mom purchased it before we could take a look at it. On top of that, she gave us some dire warnings about it “needing work.” A table that needs work probably isn’t something we’re interested in—after all, we’re not beggars, so we can choose to just buy a new table that looks nice.

In the end, everything turned out great because it looks awesome! After we got the table all situated, I went to Target and bought two more bookshelves to hold my growing collection of miniatures and 3D paper models. The sand painting&mdash:created by Jeff Farnsworth&mdash:makes a wonderful addition to the room, giving it that “classy” vibe that many game rooms are missing.

View more pictures of the game room here.