A New Toy

They’ve been a year and a half in the making—and now they’re finally here: BattleCards. Such a simple concept, yet totally revolutionary.

Ever since I saw a similar item in Fiery Dragon Productions’ BattleBox, I knew I had to have them. Yet after purchasing the BattleBox at my friendly local gaming store, I was stunned.

The cards were… tiny! Not only that, but they wasted so much whitespace—whitespace that could have been used to reprint the entire rule from the SRD. Instead, each card displayed a watered-down summary—and not a good watered-down summary, like one that imparts the rule in expeditious brevity. Lastly, they were riddled with errors and omissions. No, no… nothing about this seemed right at all.

Of course I just had to start on my own cards. Unfortunately, time was not my friend and the project got shelved—until three weeks ago when I realized how beneficial they would be to my group of new players. Now the BattleCards are done, ready for public consumption. Here’s my blurb:

Many have come before, but none have stood up to the scrutiny of a detail oriented player—until now. BattleCards are the complete set of actions available to you in combat, each printable on a standard 3×5 index card. Each BattleCard contains simple, step-by-step instructions necessary to complete the action. Also included are Things to Consider, a sidebar that lists variables, conditions, and notes that may affect the action you’re trying to perform. Don’t skip over strategically complex combat actions simply because they’re too complicated—use a BattleCard!

Download my BattleCards here.